Torino’s Historic Cafés

2016/01/06 - Written by Paolo Patrito
Torino - Photography by Luigi Bertello
Torino - Photography by Luigi Bertello
When discussing food from Torino we would be remiss if we did not mention the historical cafés and cake shops, a tradition deeply rooted in the city’s culture. What follows is a short list compiled with the help of baker Claudia Lotta (  


Opened in 1907, this small, elegant café, located on piazza Castello, is still decorated with its magnificent vintage design and furniture. It is famous for  having introduced in the local habits –as early as the 1920s- the practice of the toast and a unique triangular crustless sandwich coined tramezzino by the famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. To this day, Mulassano’s tramezzini are the best in the city.


Probably the best bakery in Torino, it is situated near the Porta Nuova train station. Amidst the locale’s Liberty design, one can savour its famous cakes such as the Festivo, made with chocolate, small pastries such as chantilly and pastry puffs, as well as their savoury crackers. The shop’s basement features some of the original chocolate-making machines.

Al Bicerin

Active since 1793, this small café located in front of the Santuario della Consolata is known especially for its homonymous drink: the Bicerin - a hot drink made of espresso, chocolate and whipped cream.

Baratti & Milano

With its wooden panels and its 19th century ornaments, this is one of the most famous historical cafés of the city. During the winter months, they serve a delectable hot chocolate, with the perfect density, topped with a spoonful of whipped cream.


Located on the historical Piazza San Carlo, Stratta has been making, since 1836, delicious chocolate and various assortments of handmade candies that come in a variety of flavours and colours, including candied violets. In the cafeteria section of the café, they serve fine coffee crus selected in collaboration with certified Slow Food master blenders.

(Translated by Antonio D’Alfonso)

Caffè Mulassano - Photography by Luigi Bertello 



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