Fun Facts about Montreal Italians!

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2013/07/25 - Written by Gabriel Riel-Salvatore
Fun Facts about Montreal Italians!
Fun Facts about Montreal Italians!
How many Italians actually live in Montreal? In which neighbourhoods of the city are they concentrated? Here's a look: 

• Italians have long moved from their initial drop off point around the old Port in the late XIXth century.  

• Throughout history, Italians have spread across the Island both east and west of St-Laurent Boulevard.

• Today Saint-Leonard, RDP,Vimont and Duvernay are the areas showing the highest concentration levels of people of Italian origin with percentages ranging from 31 % to 50 % and more (see Map 1). This means that in the red parcels shown on Map 1, at least one person out of two that live there are of Italian origin!

• Map 1 seems to show that Laval has more people of Italian descent than elsewhere. Yet, this is not exactly the case as the density levels in Laval are much smaller than in Montreal and therefore the census tracks are larger (as seen on the map). Basically, you have less people per kilometer square in Vimont than in St-Leonard for instance. This also explains why even though Italians show similar levels of distributions in Laval than in the West Island, Map 1 does not show concentration levels as high in the West Island, because Italians are more “diluted” within the global population of that area. 

Map 1: Concentration levels of Italians in the Greater Montreal Area 


• Figure 1 actually reveals how the Italian population of Montreal still predominantly lives in the East end with 43% of the total population of Italian origin living there. 

Figure 1: Distribution of Italians in the Greater Montreal Area


• Figure 2 shows that with 36% of the Italian population of the East End, Rivière-des- Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles slightly outnumbers St-Leonard that counts for 30% of the community in that part of town. Montreal Nord counts for 13% of the East-End Italian community, Saint-Michel 11% and Anjou / Mercier /Tétreauville 9%.

Figure 2: Distribution of Italians in the East End of Montreal

• With a population reaching 259,765 people, Italians are the biggest ethnic group in the Greater Montreal area after the French Canadians.

• Census Canada 2006 reveals that close to one person out of ten (7.25%) is of Italian origin in Montreal.

• Notwithstanding a massive drop in the flow of immigrants from that nation on Canadian soil in the past few decades, Italians still outnumber people of the British Isles when taken separately, making the people of Irish origin the third biggest ethnic group in Montreal after the Italians

Montreal Population by ethnic nic origin (2006)



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