Time to light that fire

Warm up this winter with cool fireplaces

2017/11/02 - Written by Alessia Sara Domanico
Time to light that fire
Time to light that fire
There are few luxuries more indulgent than a roaring fire to curl up to on a bitter winter’s day. Maybe you’ve got a fixer-upper home with an old fireplace to refurbish or want to work out a whole new installation. 

There are no restrictions to where a fireplace can be built, from the bathroom to the kitchen. And when it comes to materials, the options are countless – from stone and brick to marble and glass. We took a survey of the latest and greatest to see what the best options are.

Igne Ferro SR Residence Familyr

When deciding on a fireplace for your home, consider purpose, interior design, maintenance and repair. What function will the fireplace serve? Will it be your main source of heating, or will it be a more decorative piece? The design and style of your home is another element to think about. If your home has a more modern and minimal aesthetic, a sleek contemporary design may be the best fit. If you have a lot of vintage or antique pieces in your home, or if the architecture of your home is historic, highlight these features with a more classic fireplace design. Different types of fireplaces require different types of maintenance and upkeep. For instance, an electric fireplace has different cleaning requirements than a gas or wood fireplace. Before committing to a particular style, make sure you understand all the necessary maintenance to keep your fireplace clean and safe.

Igne Ferro SC Condo Residence Familyroom

In terms of cutting edge technology, we sought out Palazzetti Group, whose jaw-dropping fireplaces are designed to fit just about anywhere from the centre of a living room, to an angle between two adjoining rooms.

Palazzetti Group Dover fireplace

With three generations spanning over 60 years, this Pordenone, Italy-based outfit operates four special production lines where they work across thermal, marble, natural stones and cement. Their research and development focuses on sustainability, something that is highlighted by their O2Ring technology, which they describe as a world-class innovation to overcome the problem of fine dust. A purification system for combustion fumes that, combined with other technologies makes wood and pellet heating a very high environmental compatibility solution, was developed over five years in collaboration with the University of Trieste. It’s ideal for those geographic areas where legal provisions restrict the use of biomass. 

Caminetti Montegrappa

For arguably the most practical of all fireplaces, our last stop is to international manufacturer Caminetti Montegrappa, which takes its name from its location at the foot of Monte Grappa in Vicenza – an area once rich in quarries and dedicated to the extraction of marble. Nowadays, Caminetti Montegrappa is well-known for its capacity to offer state-of-the-art appliances, especially pellet-burning, that can substitute or integrate domestic heating systems, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and long duration, high performance and low emissions. The Pellet-Burning Closed Fireplace complete with a side door opening uses a system of forced convection. In layman’s terms, this very whizzy fireplace can then be covered with cladding to make it a top-notch heat generator but also an attractive addition to the home.

Igne Ferro SR Residence Familyr



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