Love for the beautiful game

Serie A fan clubs share their passion

2017/10/24 - Written by Jonathan De Sua
Love For The Beautiful Game
It’s no secret that soccer fans are among the most passionate. Serie A fans, however, are a cut above the rest. Their fierce allegiance and dedication to their beloved teams is only matched by their loyalty to their team fan clubs. And Montreal is home to several of these organizations, most of which are affiliated and recognized by their respective official teams.

“We’re a social, family-oriented fan club,” says James Infantino, president of Club Juventus Gaetano Scirea di Montreal. “Being a part of it is an opportunity to meet friends, interact with members and participate in numerous activities."

Giulio Cavallaro, president of Club Napoli Canada (Montreal division), is of the same mind.“Being a member is similar to the feeling of being in a ‘circolo,’ as they say in Italy. There’s a thrill and excitement – we really get into it. It’s also a chance to maintain the culture of our region and our love for the sport.” Members of Serie A team fan clubs include everyone from first and second generation Italian-Canadians to non-Italians alike and age groups range from elementary school children to septuagenarians. Clubs often hold viewing parties, open to all ages, ethnicities and sexes – often in conjunction with one another.Members receive official items such as member cards, scarves, posters and calendars, but the true appeal is meeting their heroes. Since these clubs are officially recognized, members get the opportunity to meet with visiting Serie A soccer players. Clubs even organize trips to Italy so members can watch the beautiful game among thousands of other die-hard fans. “We religiously travel to Italy to watch Juventus play,” says Infantino, adding that the fan club is planning a group trip in the near future.



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