6 Places to See on the Amalfi Coast

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2018/04/02 - Written by Vittoria Zorfini
Ravello vista from Villa Cimbrone - Photography by Michele Abbagnara
Ravello vista from Villa Cimbrone - Photography by Michele Abbagnara
All over the world, the Amalfi Coast is famous for its unique beauty. Amongst the array of historical monuments, holiday resorts, extraordinary views and terraces of citrus, grapes and olives, we have chosen the six must-see sites. You’ll feel like you’re dreaming with your eyes open on the most beautiful coast in the world.

1. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano

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Positano will win you over with its coloured houses, narrow streets and famous beaches. But reigning over the centre of the village is a true symbol of the coastline, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Legend has it that pirates who came from the East, carrying a sacred icon on their ships, heard a voice saying “posa, posa” (‘lay me down’). They saw it as a sign from the Madonna and decided to dock their ship on the mainland, where they then built the church dedicated to her. Today the Church of Santa Maria Assunta is one of the main attractions of the town; its dome is decorated with green and yellow tiles, standing out for its vivid colours and grandness. Inside the church you can see the Byzantine statue of the Black Madonna carrying her child, along with the reliquary bust of St. Vitus, one of the most famous works of Neapolitan goldsmith’s art. 

2. Path of the Gods

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A walk down the Path of the Gods is enough to appreciate the full beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The journey begins in Bomberano, a neighbourhood of Agerola, and passes through Nocelle before arriving in Positano. An incredible and evocative historical walk named after the temples that, in Roman times, lined the entire route. Furthermore, the unspoiled nature of the Path of the Gods makes it almost timeless; you will walk through cultivated terraces, the ruins of ancient houses set in stone and stretches of woodland, and that’s not to mention the breathtaking views. There is also something for budding climbers, who can tackle one of the many challenging vertical trails.

3. Borgo di Furore

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Borgo di Furore, situated between Amalfi and Positano, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its famous Fiord, that gives way to an incredible little bay, hides one of the most enchanting beaches in the area. Borgo Furore, with its houses clinging to the rock, is also renowned for the murals that adorn the houses in the village. It’s also worth mentioning that Borgo hosts the High Diving World Championships. The athletes dive from the bridge that overlooks the Fiord from a height of 28 meters.

4. Conca dei Marini and Emerald Cove

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Conca dei Marini, a village in the province of Salerno, is a main attraction on a tour of the Amalfi Coast. From here you can admire Emerald Cove, so-called for its wonderful, intense green water that results from the reflection of the sun, making it one of a kind. Since 1956, a white ceramic Nativity scene can also be found on the seabed. 

5. Vietri and the Ceramic museum

Photography by Emanuela Novella : Un viaggio per due

Without doubt, one of the gems of the Amalfi Coast is the small village of Vietri. Along with Positano, it is one of the major centres of ceramic production in the area. Today, master ceramists hand down this tradition from generation to generation. Vietri is also home to the Museum of Ceramics, situated inside the Toretta Belvedere of the Villa Guariglia complex. 

6. Ravello and Villa Cimbrone

Photography by Michele Abbagnara

To admire the beauty of the entire Amalfi coastline you must go to Ravello, where the famous Villa Cimbrone is situated. This Villa of rare beauty is especially famous for its garden maze and incredible views. The Villa also has a magnificent terrace, deliberately named Terrazzo dell’Infinito (The Terrace of Infinity); imagine a natural balcony surrounded by marble busts, facing the sea and providing incredible views of the whole coast. Another main event of the area is the Ravello Festival, which from June to September accompanies visitors with music and the town’s best orchestras.



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