Italian is Oldest Female in the World

2016/05/31 - Written by Rita Simonetta
Photo credit: Antonino Di Marco / ANSA

You’d think it’s olive oil, maybe a glass of wine, or perhaps even a plate of pasta that keeps Emma Morano going strong. Nope. Morano, who is 116 years old, says that her secret to a long life is raw eggs every single day. 

The resident of Verbania, a small northern Italian town in Piedmont, says that raw eggs are the secret weapon she learned in childhood from a doctor.

There might be something to it since Morano is in stable health, and has been for years.

That’s enough time to have lived through both World Wars, and enough Italian prime ministers and Italian governments to fill the small Italian town she resides in. Morano, who was married once but left the unhappy relationship in 1938, has been single ever since. And happily so. She has told Italian reporters that living man-free is another key to her longevity.

She lives at home where she is looked after by a caregiver.

Morano is not the only centenarian who is still going strong in Italy, a country that boasts a handful of residents on the island of Sardinia who are all over the age of 105. The phenomenon is being studied by researchers, and of course, those after the fountain of youth.







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