Mini Wine Guide For Your Easter Table

2018/03/01 - Written by Marco Giovanetti
Min iwine-guide for your easter table
Min iwine-guide for your easter table
For us Italians, Easter is a holiday highlighted by friends and family. Although we traditionally eat Easter lunch with our relatives, tradition has relaxed over the last couple of years to include friends and neighbors.

Usually, the Easter lunch is served mid-day. In general, everyone brings a dish or two to share but the hosts provide the bulk of the meal. There are a few dishes that are the blueprint of an Easter feast and they include lamb, spring vegetables and diverse sweet pastry treats. Choosing a wine for Easter could give the impression that it is difficult. For instance, is still cold enough for winter reds or does the menu demand something lighter. To tackle the issue, Panoram Italia has put together a list of wines for your easter table.

Easter feasts encourage an adventurous spirit in the kitchen. At Christmas,Italians are likely to stick to traditional dishes, but, at Pasqua, they tend to loosen up. There is no typical antipasto or even primo piatto (first course) for Pasqua. But, since this is the season for early produce, young cured meats and cheeses, these are usually served in some form. Some popular first course dishes include: Fried Artichokes, Insalata di Polpo (Octopus Salad), swordfish or tuna seasoned with grapefruit and generous platters of young pecorino, fava beans and salumi. This does not include the myriad of filled pastas that your nonna or zia would make.The wines to accompany this courses include fruity roses ,whites and lights reds.

For secondo (the main course), roasted or grilled meat is usually served. For centuries, the most popular choice for Easter has been lamb—not just in Italy, but in many other Mediterranean and European countries too. However, Italians-Canadians like to serve other cuts of meat such as roast beef or rib eye.

Roasted leg of lamb

This is the time to serve any special reds from your cellar. Aged Barolos, Barbarescos come to mind as well as noble tuscan wines. After all, what's the purpose of drinking good wine if you cannot share it with your loved ones and friends.


Naturally in Italy there is no lack of dolci on any day especially on Easter. Traditional desserts for the Holy feast are the Cassata Siciliana, a sponge cake with ricotta filling; the columba, a dove-shaped cake with candied fruit and almonds; and pasticiotti, little pastry tarts filled with custard. With desserts and other sweets, it is imperative to have a passito or a moscato.


Hope you enjoy this article and buona pasqua!!!

In Rosato:

Carpineto Dogajolo Rosato 2016. SAQ # 10263189. $16.25

Citrus, strawberry and raspberry notes. Medium body. Fresh and crisp with earthy undertones. Lovely acidity at the finale. Great with light seafood pastas ( good friday) or smoked salmon with mozzarella di bufala.

In White:

Soprasasso, Chardonnay delle Venezie IGT 2015. SAQ # 13189009. $14.45

An easy to drink venetian wine. Classic aromas of Chardonnay such as pear and peach nectar. In addition, a hint of toasty oak and almond cream. On the mouth, rich, round and creamy. Perfect with roasted cod dishes.

In Reds:

Allegrini Corte Giara Valpolicella 2015. SAQ # 13190317

Corte Giara is the negociant blend of Allegrini. Lovely nuances of cherries and pepper are followed by gracious herbal nuances. Elegant and well balanced with supple tannins. Perfect for mushroom arancini.

Corvina Montresor 2015. SAQ # 12990081. $12.30

Very perfumed. Flowery. Peonies, roses. sour cherry. On the palate, polished in the mid palate with subtle tannins. Ideal with vegetable antipastos such as giardiniera, etc

Michèle Chiarlo, Cipressi 2016. SAQ # 12383934. $16.55

Ripe blackberry with violet confit and black pepper. Silky palate, well balanced with lots of elegance. The ideal wine for your diverse salumi antipasto.

Punset, Barbera d'Alba. SAQ # 10985747. $24.05

Red currants, pipe tobacco and porcini mushrooms, clay and other earthy nuances. Nice body. Balanced with lots of equilibrium. Perfect with nonna’s lasagna.

Carpineto Vino-Nobile-di-Montepulciano. SAQ # 908392. $31.50

Smoke, leather with dry black fruit. On the mouth, full body with lovely tannins. Long and balanced. Picture this wine with roasted lamb and rosemary potatoes and you are in business.

Fattoria del Cerro Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2013. SAQ # 13085461. $ 24.05

Dynamic nose, bringing to mind  with blueberry and tobacco, then giving way to  sour cherry and smoky notes with time in the glass. Considerable ripeness in the palate but quite elegant and balanced. A pleasure to drink with an arrosto di vitello.



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