David Devico & David Facchino / Queen of the World

Montreal's Italian Barbers

David Devico &  David Facchino / Queen of the World
David Devico & David Facchino / Queen of the World
Panoram Italia pays a visit to your local Italian Barbers in Montreal. Queen of the World. 6908, St. Laurent blvd - 514 277-0177


On visiting the barber: “My aunt was the only person who I’d let touch my hair. When I was young I had ‘Uncle-Jessie-from-Full-House” hair. To be completely honest, I never understood the barber. I was always petrified.” - Facchino

“It’s the first thing I do when I go to Italy. The treat of not having to shave yourself, with the steam and the hot water; it’s an amazing feeling. The last time I went the guy gave me the Francesco Totti, with the thin moustache and all.” - Devico

On the decline of the trade: “The world has changed. Men today are a lot more concerned about their hair and everybody wants to stand out from the crowd. Most of my clients would rather pay $30 for a new look than $9 for the same old thing. - Facchino

“There are two types of barbers: those who have been doing the same three haircuts forever and really good barbers who’ll give you really cool fades. But how much can you charge for a shave? If it paid, there would be a lot more new barbers.” - Devico

On serving men today: “I have fathers on the verge of retirement who totally still want cool haircuts and will refuse to go to a barber because they want their hair thinned out, puttied and worked. And we always have time to have an espresso and shoot the shit. In a way, we really are the barbers of 2009.” - Facchino

“I have a lot of guys that come every two or three weeks. I think the word barber has evolved a lot. I don’t do shaves but I do everything else they do. I feel like I’m a barber for a lot of my guys. - Devico 


Queen of the World

6908, St. Laurent blvd - 514 277-0177



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