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Double Sofa - Roda
Double Sofa - Roda
Sprucing up the patio with inspiration from Italian luxury furniture designers

In the past issues of Panoram Italia, we’ve looked at outdoor lighting and gardening tools for brightening and manicuring our lawns and gardens. As summer descends upon us, we have now come to outdoor furniture: that all-important purchase for anyone determined to enjoy the spoils of summer from their own backyard. Now if you pride yourself on buying Made in Italy and want to make an extra special statement when you invite everyone round for a BBQ or aperitivo, you’re going to want to learn a bit about what these heavy-hitting furniture maisons are proposing for 2016. 

RODA is a brand that started in 1990 in Varese and strictly specializes in outdoor design. Their philosophy is to treat the outdoors as you would for interior design, allowing both the interior and exterior elements of your home to blend together in harmony. Their Double lounge chairs are timeless classic.

Afra - Paola Lenti


They pack innovation with a 3D neting and aluminium frame upholstered in soft multi-layered polyurethane padding to ensure comfort and drain capacity in rainy conditions. Their iconic Dandy sofa collection designed by Rodolfo Dordoni brings the traditional sofa outside. Fabrics can be custom chosen as well to give you plenty of variety in terms of colour and texture. Finally, the structural and formal TEKA outdoor collection uses wood to bring a touch of rustic elegance to sofas, armchairs, dining and side tables using both outdoor fabrics and mesh. 

The outdoor collection from Paola Lenti, founded in 1994, is bent on bringing all aspects of domestic living outside. Modern art seems to have escaped the confines of a gallery and ended up on a deck. We particularly fancied the outdoor loveseats in the Afra collection, the swing sets and full scale cabanas that implement modular architecture to create visually stunning verandas and gazebos that stand the test of time and weather.

Vertical plant walls really make this brand stand out for originality and transform the backyard into a cosmopolitan playground for adults. They do require extra care on the owner’s part – but could make for lovely planting pots for herbs. Oh, and did we mention that they have swing sets? Colourful and super stylish sets with minimal assembly required.

Nido Tecnico - Paola Lenti

Wabi Tecnico - Paola Lenti

Roda Teka - Coffee Table




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