Freshen up your abode

Freshen up your abode
Freshen up your abode

With the housing market at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to appreciate the home you have. Remodeling is a major task, one that requires the right plans, the right suppliers and the right muscle to pull off. To give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve asked some of the local experts in the field to give us some helpful suggestions.

Starting from the outside and working our way in, an attractive new door system won’t just look good – it will add significant value to your home and make it energy efficient. For advice on the best way to approach this we head to homegrown success story Arrow 2000, a family business that started on Toronto’s College Street over 50 years ago and today is based in Vaughan, Ontario. They are the Greater Toronto Area’s leading provider of windows, doors, awnings, railings, shutters and other high-quality home products. “Windows and doors have come a long way from the traditional styles and colours of the past,” executive manager Robert Cascone tells us. “Exterior colours are all the rage now, with earth-tone coloured windows being the most popular, and grill designs that are not your typical white square patterns. Remember, your front entrance door is the main focal point of your home; make it stand out so that people are attracted to it.”

Arrow 2000

Once we step inside our newly remodelled home, making a good first impression is paramount, and that just won’t be possible without high-quality lighting. Lando Lighting in Brampton, Ontario, has been specialising in this very arena for over three decades. Browsing through their 30,000 square-foot showrooms, you can easily start to dream up lighting designs for spaces you don’t even have. From elegant chandeliers to modern fixtures, you’ll find anything and everything to transform your spaces with a wide range of brands to choose from. We asked owner Brian Whitelaw for some advice and inspiration for the different rooms that make up the home: “Make sure bathroom lighting is effective and warm. While a beautiful, sparkly chandelier is a common sight in many houses, there are plenty of inventive places in your home where a chandelier makes a great design statement such as in the bedroom or dressing room.”

The cobalt colour from Benjamin Moore's new Century paint line

Colour is a major factor when it comes to reinventing your space. With hundreds of swatches and tonalities to consider, it’s no wonder your head starts to spin a bit. For some helpful tips, we spoke with Catherine Ricard, an interior decorator at Centre Décoration St-Leonard, Montreal’s local Benjamin Moore Painting Specialist. “My advice for people who want to remodel is that their choices take inspiration from the natural and artificial light present in their actual home. Don’t choose a colour and style scheme because it is beautiful in a magazine or in a shop. There is no guarantee that it will be beautiful in your house because colours adapt to each light differently,” recommends Ricard. In terms of trends that have caught the designer’s attention this year, Ricard is a fan of the contrasting of colour in the same room: “You can achieve a cozy and warm feel by painting the ceiling in a dark colour and complementing it with light colours on the surrounding walls to lighten up the room.” When it comes to exciting things on the horizon, the team at Centre Décoration St-Leonard is really enthusiastic about the new 75-colour Century collection from Benjamin Moore – the world’s first soft touch matte-finish paint. Based on years of research, this paint is made with a new intricately balanced formula, which can only be produced in small batches. It gives off a depth of colour and a soft finish unlike anything they have seen before.



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