Marvelous Marble

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2017/12/23 - Written by Alessia Sara Domanico
Marvelous Marble, Budri Papiro collection
Marvelous Marble

It’s timeless, textured and always elegant; marble adds a much-needed hint of glamour to any space, whether interior or exterior. The versatility of this scientifically fascinating metamorphic rock has allowed it to stand the test of time and makes it easy to factor into any redecorating plans. “Since marble is a naturally occurring stone, each slab has distinctive veins that make it unique,” explains Stéphanie Bénard, marketing and social media advisor at Ciot.


“There’s more than one way to bring the classic look of marble into your home. With today’s technology, other materials such as porcelain and ceramic can be used to replicate marble for an ever-widening range of options in terms of both price and style.” 


From backsplashes to kitchen island countertops and baroque showers, Ciot is a treasure trove of choices with a variety of colours including white, black, grey and even blue. We especially fancied their use of white marble with grey veins to offset a metallic kitchen, and contrasting black marble with white veins against the white porcelain and ceramic components of a bathroom.

Budri Papiro Amelie table

The renowned Budri Srl, a specialist in marble inlays, can be found between Ferrara and Parma. The company has executed its fair share of complex, large-scale international marble projects for villas, residences, hotels, boutiques and other prestigious buildings. The company boasts a portfolio rich in classic and contemporary interiors, bathrooms, spas and furniture. Their innovative designs include their wallpaper effect inlay, their web-like Marblelace that creates a lace screen effect on any surface, as well as origami tables with strips of marble which create a striped effect. Their latest Papiro Collection by designer Patricia Uruquiola explores the concept of lightness in marble – an intriguing approach to something we so often consider heavy. This project presents a design evolution in marble processing using a standard marble thickness of just two centimetres! These ultra-thin designs use lovely earth- tone colours such as Bianco Sivec, Bianco Carrara and salmon pink.

Looking at just one marble type, the mission of Centro Italia Marmi (in the province of Frosinone) is to improve and enhance the unique qualities of the Perlato Royal Coreno. The exceptional chromatic variations of this stone are due to sediments of algae, shells and coral from the Mediterranean Sea. The company’s quarries cover an area of 450,000 square metres on the top of the hills overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Gaeta, along the marble basin of Coreno Ausonio. Known as the “Town of Stone,” it owes its fortune to the special limestone rock that rises to the surface. The direct ownership of the quarries guarantees the qualitative selection of the stone. Their range of marble furniture – such as chaise longue and seating – and their flooring and cladding are pristine and make for a show-stopping addition to the home or garden.



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