Stefano Cimino

Living Italian Style Montreal

Roman and Greek Classical Civilization; weight training.

Shirt: Zara, Jacket: Simons, Jeans: Buffalo, Shoes: Aldo

Favourite designer


Ristorante Meridiana

Favourite dish

Type of wine/drink
Vino Frascati

Favourite Italian saying or quote
“Roma non è stata costruita in un giorno”

Place you must go back to at least one more time in your life
La città eterna, Roma.

514 or 450

Dream car
Ferrari 458 Italia

Favourite band or singer
Toto Cutugno

Best Italian movie

Italian soccer team
AS Roma

What you like most about our magazine
The great effort the Panoram team puts into publishing this magazine and communicating the Italian culture to its readers.

Best way to feel Italian in Montreal
Working in construction with Italians who don`t speak English.

Thing about you that would surprise most people
My knowledge of Roman history.

Mare o montagna

Best coffee in Montreal

Crescent or St-Laurent
St. Laurent

Most common name in your family. How many?
Donato (5)

Pet peeve
Those who think that the Italian culture is just about food and clothes.

Move to Rome

Sexiest Italian
Federica Ridolfi

Best nightclub in Montreal
I can tolerate BSide

Best pizza in Montreal
La Pizza Rustica.

Favourite thing to do in Montreal
Walking in Little Italy during Grand Prix weekend.

Your fashion idol
My brother Matt

You know you were raised Italian when
Your father forces you to zappare all day and your mother’s number one priority is feeding you.

Favourite colour

Spaghetti o penne

Favourite Italian song
Inno di Mameli.

Italian artist or actor you would like to meet
If I could meet any Italian in history it would be General Publio Cornelio Scipione.

Best memory growing up as an Italian
When my nonno would hug me and say, “Cresci grosso.” His words I will never forget.