Antoine Joseph Zammit

Living Italian Style Montreal


Ralph Lauren tie, Franco Negretti shirt, Lofranco pants


Club Uomo


Armani Exchange

Fashion idol:

Ralph Lauren


Business, music, writing, politics, reading and public speaking

Goal in life:

To meet Donald Trump and to be a world class businessman

Thing about you that would surprise most people:

I am actually a very shy and private person

Pet peeve:

When people leave the lights open, and when people are late


Restaurant Lucca

Favourite dish:

Pasta alla gigi

Best caffè in Montreal:

Ciocaro’s and Café International

Best panino in Montreal:

Milano’s and Ciocaro’s

Favourite drink:


Best nightclub in Montreal:

The W

Describe your ideal night out in Montreal:

With a bunch of friends going to the Orange Julep and thengoing to party on St-Laurent and finishing the night off with a nice caffé-latte

Italian saying or quote:

“Cane che abbaia non morde”

You know you are Italian when:

At 22 years old, you’re mother and nonna still call you while you’re working and ask you what you ate for lunch

Favourite Italian city:


Musical preference:

Barry White, Eros Ramazotti, Lucianno Pavarotti, Julio Iglesias

Best Italian song:

L’italiano by Toto Cutugno

Italian soccer team:


Sexiest Italian:

Monica Bellucci

How long have you been reading Panoram?

4-5 years

Most common name in your family:

Giovanni (3)

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian:

Those Sunday afternoons eating pasta like there was no tomorrow at my nonna’s house