Podere dal Nespoli: Pleasure in a bottle

With over 100 hectares of vines and a yearly production of 400,000 bottles of high-quality sangiovese-based wines like Il Nespoli and Prugneto, the potential of Poderi dal Nespoli quickly convinced Alfeo and Marco Martini of MGM Mondo del Vino to invest in this prestigious estate in 2010.

Located in the highest areas of the valley of the Bidente River, at the foot of the Tusco-Emilian Apennines, dal Nespoli is one of the most famous producers of the region and is especially recognized for its authentic expression of Sangiovese di Romagna.

Romagnola herself, MGM prides itself on cooperating with this historic winery founded in 1929, which is ranked as one of the top five producers of the region by Decanter magazine.

Poderi dal Nespoli’s products are directly in line with MGM’s philosophy of offering consumers original, good value wines. “Our relationship is a fine balance between the winemaking traditions of the Ravaioli family and the innovative, technological and marketing know-how of MGM,” reveals Marco Martini, commercial manager of MGM.

Since the creation of the joint-venture, the large investments made on new tanks, new machinery and bottling equipment were done to improve the quality of the estate’s wines, which have been praised by many important wine guides.

This significant transition is already showing good results in the cellar. Now softer and fruitier, the wines of dal Nespoli continue to express sangiovese’s evocative mix of tasty red fruits (plumb, mature cherry) while more efficiently containing its characteristic strong tannins.

Canada and the United States are two markets very favourable to Italian wines, especially for sangiovese-based products. MGM is focused on convincing consumers that Emilia Romagna offers much more than the red sparkling Lambruscos it is best known for.

In fact, Romagna’s sangiovese- based wines often lend themselves to a more immediate drink than their Tuscan counterparts such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti or Morellino di Scansano. Moreover, Sangiovese di Romagna wines tend to offer a higher value thanks to their rich and structured character and their affordable prices. “We are acting as pioneers with dal Nespoli presenting a territory that is less known by the public, but that surely has a strong curiosity factor,” explains Martini.

Italian wines are also great with food and Emilia Romagna is especially recognized for its amazing gastronomy, mainly pasta dishes ranging from tagliatelle to tortelli and strozzapretti.

Martini strongly believes in the marriage between his wines and the culinary delights of his homeland. “We wish to present the estate as something interconnected with its territory and its culinary and cultural qualities,” he says. “This is the essential message the bottle should transmit to the consumer.” 

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written by Gabriel Riel-Salvatore