Mathew Marrelli

Living Italian Style Toronto

Clothes: Pal Zileri jacket, Hugo Boss shirt and belt, RA-RE pants, Johnston & Murphy shoes.

Fashion idol: Roberto Cavalli

Passion: Anything with four wheels.

Goal in life: Living a long, healthy, and happy life while impacting everyone I meet in a positive way.

Thing about you that would surprise most people: I’m a big country music fan.

Pet peeve: People who don’t give you the wave when you let them in your lane.

Restaurant: Marcello’s

Favourite dish: Osso Buco

Best pizza in Toronto: Peppino Oven

Best caffè in Toronto: The espresso machine in my kitchen.

Favourite vino: My Nonno’s

Italian saying: “Del male non fare e paura non avere.”

Last time you went to Italy: Last month

Favourite Italian city: Milan

Best Italian song: Albachiara by Vasco Rossi

Italian soccer team: Inter Milan

Sexiest Italian: Giorgia Palmas

Best way to feel Italian in your city: Heading to a café on a Sunday, watching the soccer games with an espresso and cannoli.

What you like most about Panoram: How it brings local Italian businesses together and creates a great sense of community.

Best memory growing up Italian- Canadian: Watching other kids take out there boloney sandwiches at school and pulling out an oil soaked brown bag with a fresh pepper sandwich.