Anthony Fortunato Gervasi

Living Italian Style Montreal


Camiceria Lauro dresshirt, Lauro & Co blazer and pants


Camiceria Lauro and Abercrombie & Fitch

Favourite Designer:

Ralph Lauren

Fashion Idol:

Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake

Goal in life:

To become a successful actor.

Thing about you that would surprise most people:

I was very shy when I was young.

Pet Peeve:

People that wear white socks with jeans.


Pizzeria Da Bologna

Favourite Dish:

Fettuccine Arrabiata

Best Panino in Montreal:

Boucherie Mimmo

Favourite aperitivo:

Jack & Coke

Italian saying or quote:


You know you are Italian when or if:

When you do the sign of the cross every time you pass by a church.

Favourite Italian City:

The Amalfi Coast

Musical Preference:

Bon Jovi

Sexiest Italian:

My wife

Best way to feel Italian in Montreal:

Making tomato sauce in the garage with the older generation.

What do you like most about Panoram:

Knowing that the Italian culture is still prominent in Montreal.

Best Memory growing up Italian- Canadian:

Eating latte e biscotti (Village Cookies) every night with my dad before bed.