Victoria DiGiovanni

Living Italian Style Toronto

Clothes: Topshop top, Thrifted dress-shirt, Pacsun pants, The Gap jacket, H&M shoes.

Favourite boutique: Jonathan + Olivia

Passion: Fashion, exercising, cooking and acting

Goal in life: To become successful in my field of interest and to visit Australia at least once.

Thing about you that would surprise most people: I am able to lift 138 lbs at the gym.

Pet peeve: Slow walkers and loud chewers

Favourite restaurant: Chako

Favourite dish: I will never turn down good old-fashioned spaghetti and meatballs.

Your best dish: My chicken pesto tortellini. I love experimenting and making up my own recipes.

 Best pizza in Toronto: Marcello’s Pizzeria

Best caffè in Toronto: Merchants of Green Coffee

Favourite Italian saying: “Chi più sa, meno parla”

Last time you went to Italy: 1999

Favourite Italian city or town: Corvara, because my dad was born there

Musical preference: I enjoy pop/rock, hip hop and indie music

Italian soccer team: AC Milan

Sexiest Italian: Mattia De Sciglio

How long have you been reading Panoram? I recently started reading it with my dad; he’s been reading it forever.

Best memory growing up Italian- Canadian: The food and making homemade sauce with my family.