Stephanie Pulcini

Living Italian Style Montreal


Top, Dynamite jacket,Zara Jeans, Boutique Stlyssanecklace.

Favourite boutique:


Fashion idol:

Jennifer Lopez


Family, food, fashion and beauty


Anything Nonna makes I go crazy for!

Best pizza in Montreal:

Le Vieux Four Manago (Kirkland)

Best caffè in Montreal:


Best panino in Montreal:

Capicollo and mozzarella (all dressed) from Café Milano

Favourite vino:

Nonno’s vino of course

Best gelato in Montreal:

 2 Sorelle

You know you are Italian when or if:

You receive la busta forevery holiday/birthday or familygathering.

Favourite Italian city:


Best Italian song:

Sarà perché ti amo by Ricchi e Poveri

Sexiest Italian:

Marco Borriello

Best Italian district in your city:

NDG and LaSalle area

Best way to feel Italian in your city:

Show up to Little Italy ongame day! (Euro Cup/WorldCup)

How long have you been reading Panoram?

Since it hit Nonna’scoffee table!

What you like most about Panoram:

I like that the magazinetouches upon anything Italian-Canadian or Montreal-Italian suchas recipes, restaurants, cafés,boutiques, etc. And there’salways someone that knowssomeone that is in Panoram!

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian:

Nonna and Nonno’shuge giardino that fed half theneighbours.