Stephanie Dugre

Living Italian Style Montreal

Who do you speak Italian to? My grandmother and friends from Italy

Passion: Ella Dugre 😉

Goal in life: To inspire others through my own work.

What’s your typical lunch? I don’t really have a typical lunch – I grab food on the go most days!

Your best dish: My mom’s cheese risotto and rigatoni Bolognese

Your favourite Italian-Canadian expression: “Fammi vedere chi sono i tuoi amici e ti diro chi sei.”

Main difference between first generation and second/third: The fluency of the Italian 

language and original Italian recipes – may the second /third generation continue to pay homage to and carry on the traditions that the first generation taught us so we can pass them on.

Who is your role model? My father

Most important family value: Getting together with family to celebrate occasions and enjoying endless amounts of food.

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? It represents our community coming together (both old and young) and keeping in touch through this great platform.

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Never wanting to leave my family members’ houses at the end of the night as my cousins and I just wanted to spend more time together!