Maximilian Gubert

Living Italian Style Toronto

 Who do you speak Italian to? Nonni, cousins in Italy

 Passion: Hiking and distance running

 Goal in life: Hike the E1 trail (from Palermo to Norway)

 What’s your typical lunch? Panino with leftover fettine

 Your best dish: My spaghetti alla carbonara

 Best Italian neighhourhood: College Street

 Main difference between first generation and second/third: The opportunities to pursue education.

 Who is your role model? Both my Nonnos who immigrated to Canada.

 Most important family value: That family time, especially if eating is involved, is sacred.

 Do you identify as Italian-Canadian or Canadian-Italian? Italian-Canadian

 What does Panoram Italia represent to you? It’s a way to stay engaged and learn about the Italian-Canadian community in my city.

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Parading down St. Clair after the 2006 World Cup win.