Victoria Celeste Caprara

Living Italian Style Toronto

Who do you speak Italian to? My nonno and nonna 

Passion: I love cooking and shopping for makeup. I also love animals; I own a small dog named Moose. 

Goal in life: To complete university and teach children with special needs. Once I graduate I would like to plan a trip to Europe and spend most of my time in Italy to further discover my parents’ roots.  

Who is your role model? My mom and my nonna are my role models because they are two strong Italian women. My mother taught me the importance of “forza” for family and my nonna taught me a lot about my Italian heritage. 

Most important family value: My family has taught me the importance of being together. Also, I want to preserve our family traditions by passing them down to the next generation. I would like to pass our family’s recipe book to my children one day.   

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? Panorama Italia represents a slice of Italy in Canada. It allows us to stay current with the food, fashion and song as represented in Canada by the true Italians.