Michael Finaldi

Living Italian Style Toronto

Who do you speak Italian to? My grandparents

Passion: Education, literature, music, art and design

Goal in life: To enjoy every minute of it

What’s your typical lunch? Depends on wherever I am and who I’m with

Your best dish: My paccheri ai frutti di mare

Best Italian neighhourhood: College Street

Your favourite Italian-Canadian expression: “Ma sta ta zeet”

Main difference between first generation and second/third: We’re allowed to go swimming right after we eat.

Who is your role model? My parents

Most important family value: Love, respect, honesty and loyalty

Do you identify as Italian-Canadian or Canadian-Italian? Italian-Canadian

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? It represents my culture, heritage and identity.

Best memory growing up Italian Canadian: Always having the best lunch in school…even till this day