Kristine Centis Jorge

Living Italian Style Montreal

Who do you speak Italian to? Nonna, great aunts and uncles

Passion: Corporate law, fashion, travelling and interior design

Goal in life: Having a successful notarial practice

What’s your typical lunch? Salad. However, on Sundays it’s nonna’s homemade pasta and tomato sauce.

Your best dish: Pizza with arugula and cherry tomatoes

Best Italian neighhourhood: St-Leonard

Your favourite Italian-Canadian expression: “Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto”

Main difference between first generation and second/third: Speaking Italian to our parents

Who is your role model? My mom

Most important family value: Work hard, live everyday to the fullest and always support one another

Do you identify as Italian-Canadian or Canadian-Italian? Italian-Canadian

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? It represents the thriving Italian culture and pride in Canada as well as its continuous growth and development for the future generations. 

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Big family gatherings with enough homemade food and wine to feed a village