Alessandro Papa

Nickname: Sandro or Papa Occupation: Photographer Age: 23 Generation: Second Dad from: Santa Maria a Vico, Caserta, Campania Mom from: Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, Veneto Raised in: TorontoSpeaks: Italian, Napoletano, English

Who do you speak Italian to? My nonni and some friends

Passion: Photography, music, motorcycles and cars

Goal in life: To build a life I don’t need a vacation from

What’s your typical lunch? A panino with soppressata, capicollo e formaggio

Your best dish: Pasta with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and pancetta

Who is your role model? My father. We do everything from work to ride our motorcycles together. He is the man I aspire to be.

Your favourite Italian-Canadian expression: Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma sua.

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? It represents an appreciation for our cultural heritage and brings us closer as a community

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: On the first day of grade one, my grandmother came to my classroom and brought me lunch: a panino, cotolette di pollo, patate con peperoni, polpette and some melanzane sott’olio.

Most important family value: Respect: without it, a home is not a home

Photo by Giulio Muratori, makeup by Monica De Las Casas Rosati, location Stella’s Lunch Box, 145 Lauder Avenue, Toronto