Sabrina Lauren Filleti

photo by Daniele Tomelleri, location Concordia University, Loyola Campus

Nickname: Brie Occupation: Social work student at Marie-Victorin Age: 19 Generation: Third Dad’s side from:  Sinopoli (Reggio Calabria), Calabria Mom’s side: Sassano and Teggiano (Salerno), Campania Raised in: Saint-Leonard

Who do you speak Italian to?  Family members and elders

Passions: Singing cheesy 80s love ballads, discovering new places and spending time with my loved ones

Goal: Live meaningfully by advocating for people in need. Women’s rights, elder abuse and global warming are three big issues I want to help resolve. Main difference between first generation and second or third: Most second and third generation Italian-Canadians do not make their own tomato sauce

Who is your role model? My parents, my grandparents and Gennaro Contaldo: “Why he cook so good?”

Most important family value: Honour, humour and health 

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? The feeling of community is present on every page. It reunites generations by inspiring them to keep up with family traditions. It makes third generation Italian-Canadians, like myself, proud of our culture.

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Eating at any non-Italian restaurant and having nonna criticize the food, but also recreate the same dish the following day with an Italian twist. Has anyone else tried the Italian hamburgese?