La Piazza – Literary

“La Piazza – Literary”, a public meeting place conceived by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains Québécois – Sicily and Homa, two poems meet

The Italian Cultural Institute and the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois, as part of a series of meetings “La Piazza – Literary”, have the pleasure to present Francis Catalano, director of an anthology of Sicilian poets published in Exit magazine (No. 92), and Jonathan Lamy, who directed an anthology of poets from Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Exit (No. 90), for a exchange hosted by Tristan Malavoy. The poet Filippo Salvatore, a specialist in Italian literature, will join the discussion.

Thursday December 6, 2018 at 7p.m
Maison des écrivains
3492, avenue Laval, Montréal
Discussion in French – Free entry

Francis Catalano lives in Montreal, where he was born in 1961 to an Italian father and a Quebec mother. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Literary Studies from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), he continued his studies at La Sapienza University in Rome for two years (1986-1988). Among his latest publications in poetry, signalons Douze avrils (Écrits des Forges, 2018), Au cœur des esquisses (l’Hexagone, 2014) et Qu’une lueur des lieux (l’Hexagone, 2010), title which earned him the Quebecor Prize of the 26th International Festival of Poetry of Trois-Rivières. Francis Catalano has prepared several anthologies of foreign poetry for the magazine Exit, including one on Peru, Catalonia, Italy and now on Sicily. With his translation of Didascalia per la lettura di un giornale de Valerio Magrelli, he won the John Glassco Award in 2005, presented by the Association of Translators and Literary Translators of Canada.

Poet in everything, Jonathan Lamy was born in Montreal in 1980. He has published three collections at Éditions du Noroît, including La vie sauvé (Prix Émile-Nelligan 2016). He has piloted or copied journal files on Denis Vanier, Josée Yvon, video poetry, Scottish poetry, Native affirmation and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. He recently co-directed the anthology We Are Stories: Reflections on Native Literature, published by Mémoire d’encrier. He set up poetry everywhere, an organization for broadcaster and dissemination of poetry.

A journalist, playwright, poet, writer and doctoral graduate of Harvard University, Filippo Salvatore has been Associate Professor of Italian and Italian Studies at the Department of Ancient Letters, Modern Languages and Linguistics at Concordia University (Montreal). He has published numerous books by Guernica, including La Fresque de Mussolini and Fascisme et les Italiens in Montreal. An oral history: 1922-1945. Previously, he served as editor of the trilingual magazine positions (Italian, French and English) Panoramitalia, editorial writer for the Montreal weekly Il Cittadino Canadese, and was a board member of the French language. Finally, he was a Montreal City Councilor, Loyola District, and served as Vice-President of the Italian-Canadian Writers Association. In 2004, he was knighted by President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi with the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana.

Tristan Malavoy – Writer, musician and columnist, he is the author of the novel Le Nid de pierres(Boreal, 2015). He has also published Feux de position, a collection of chronicles and interviews (Somme tout, 2017), collections of poems, and spoken word and song discs. As a lyricist, he collaborated with Ariane Moffatt, Catherine Durand and Gilles Bélanger, among others. Tristan Malavoy also designed shows where music meets literature and co-wrote the documentary Music at any price, broadcast on Télé-Québec in October 2016. Since 2013, he has been piloting the “Quai no 5” collection of Éditions XYZ special collaborations for L’actualité magazine.