“Universal Jerusalem” exhibition

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum will host a new temporary exhibition as of December 5th 2018. The exhibition will highlight the historical and cultural significance and universal character of the city of Jerusalem, considered for many centuries the center of the world.

At the crossroads of three continents, a sacred city for three religions, Jerusalem has been, and still is, a meeting place that inspired and determined culture, literature and spirituality of the western world for more than two millennia. The exhibition aims to focus on the historical and cultural importance of this city, through the development of various graphic and literary representations, from the Middle Ages to today.

Presented for the first time outside of Italy, the photographic body of the collection of the Archivio Provinciale Aracoeli-Storico della Provincia di S. Bonaventura dei Frati Minori di Roma, portrays the work of the Francescani di Gerusalemme around the 20th century. This collection documents the community and religious life of the Francescani, putting special emphasis on their educational work. In addition to the holy places of Jerusalem, the images reveal various places of worship and missions by the Francescani in Egypt and in Galilee during the same period.

Alongside these old photographs, the exhibition integrates a series of medieval illuminations that show the great interest that Europeans have had for the Holy Land in the Middle Ages, reaching its peak in the Crusades and in the creation of Latin states overseas.

Now you, too, can stroll through the streets of Jerusalem, filled with silent prayers and bustling shops, as you contemplate the sacred sites of this timeless land.

From December 5 to May 31st 2019
Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum
400, rue Saint-Paul Est
Info – 514 282-8670

This co-production of the Museum, the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and the Archivio Provinciale Aracoeli-Storico (APA-Storico) dei Frati Minori della Provincia di S. Bonaventura, will benefit from the collaboration of researchers and specialists from the University of Montréal, McGill University, Concordia University, the Ispettoria Biblicum Franciscanum di Gerusalemme and the Pontificia Università Antonianum di Roma.