Louie Di Benedetto

Nickname: CPT LUIG Occupation: Sales representative at Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc., Brokerage Age: 27 Generation: Second Dad side from: Pisticci, Matera, Basilicata Mom side from: Pisticci, Matera, Basilicata Raised in: Etobicoke Speaks: English and Italian

Who do you speak Italian to? My nonna and clients

Passion: Real estate

Goal in life: To quickly achieve financial independence so that I can dictate the timeline of my day

Main difference between first generation and second/third: The second and third generations have unlimited opportunity in Canada compared to the first generation.

Who is your role model? My parents

Most important family value: Honesty

Do you identify as Italian-Canadian or Canadian-Italian? Italian-Canadian

What does Panoram Italia represent to you? A way to effectively showcase all the incredible things Italian-Canadians are doing in the community

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Impossible to pick one but any event that had to do with faith, family and food

photography by Giulio Muratori, makeup by Monica De Las Casas Rosati, location Monte Carlo Inn (Airport Suites): 7035 Edwards Boulevard, Mississagua