Mirella Sementilli Rota

Mirella Sementilli Rota, photo by Giulio Muratori

Top Italian-Canadian Female Hairstylists

by Sylvia Diodati

Mirella Sementilli Rota @mirellathehairwhisperer

Age: 55 Claim to Fame: My proudest win was a gold medal in Korea at Hairworld 1998. I’ve competed around the world and won many awards. Preparing for hair competitions is what made me a hair-whisperer. The long hours of moving and blow-drying hair, creating flawless styles and colours is truly a discipline. A lot of my work is clean and soft because of my training, and I now coach and pay it forward to future stylists.

Experience: 30 years 

Where To Find Her: Salon Gaboa, Woodbridge 

Industry Icons/Mentors: Sebastian hair product investor Gerri Cosenza 

Hair Do: Right after you blow-dry, apply a light mist of hairspray in between the layers.

Hair Don’t: Don’t colour your ends every time with the hair colour from your roots. Let some of the highlights come through.

Best Hair Tip For The Season: After blow-drying and applying hairspray throughout your hair, wrap only the middle of the hair shaft one and a half times around a hot rod (any cylindrical hair iron). Hold up to 30 seconds for thicker hair and don’t do the ends. Let cool, then work through with hands for a relaxed look, and brush for a classic feel.

Advice For Choosing A Hairstylist: Look for a stylist who is trendy, current, busy and quick. Experience and speed go hand in hand. I recommend going to a stylist who has won a competition, because I believe a winning stylist will be recognized by his/her peers.

Favourite Bridal Hair-Do: All down, volume in roots with soft or deep waves, leaving hair shiny and flowing. Or, up and natural-looking and flowing, sculpted to hold while still looking soft. I dislike the flat, side-swept bang leading to a pile of curls or busy, loose barrel curls in the back . . . I want to ban this look.

Top Celebrity Style Pick: Julianne Hough has had many interesting cuts and colours. I think all women should experiment and try different looks. 

Horror Story: Years ago, my client came in with dark brown hair and said she wanted highlights. When I started to check the foils, her hair was neon orange. I’d never seen such a reaction. She kept saying she didn’t have anything in her hair. After reapplying bleach and waiting an hour, she finally confessed that she had applied a henna, then covered it with two drugstore hair dyes. It was a good thing she told the truth; there was no way I could remove henna or drugstore colour in a hurry.

Tool Of The Trade: I am a product junkie; every product has a purpose. But the one thing that’s most important is a deep-cleansing scalp shampoo, like the cleanser in the Nioxin system kits. Nioxin is formulated to treat the scalp and hair; a healthy scalp is important for healthy, thick hair to thrive.