Luisa Spagnoli – The revolution of Made in Italy

written by Vittoria Zorfini

Who is Luisa Spagnoli?

Known for the unmistakable Perugina chocolate. The Italian entrepreneur was born in Perugia in 1877 to a modest family. She married Annibale Spagnoli with whom she purchases a grocery store in the centre of the city, which still is part of the company.

A kiss is forever

The famous Bacio Perugina is a fortunate creation that, (over time) and despite the passing of years, remains one of the popular products known by all.

How did the Bacio Perugina begin?

It is 1922 when the inspiration comes to Luisa Spagnoli. She notices that the company throws out excess chocolate and chopped hazelnuts at the end of the day. Hence the idea: why not create a chocolate with these two precious ingredients? It is said this is the birth of what was then called the “punch.” The name comes from the shape similar to the knuckle of one hand. Only later called it was renamed Bacio Perugina thanks to the suggestion of Giovanni Buitoni, who became her life partner.

Woman and cutting-edge entrepreneur

Luisa is very loved by her employees and is always attentive to their needs. As a result, she founds a nursery in the plant in Fontivegge and beyond. It also leaves room for some stores in the company to allow women to do grocery shopping after work. Two totally alternative and innovative ideas in the service of women.

A revolution of the Made in Italy brand

A woman like Luisa Spagnoli, however, has so much more to give and launches into a new project. It starts with the breeding of angora rabbits that creates fashionable clothes. It bears remembering that Luisa Spagnoli’s designer label was worn by the likes of Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, Esther Williams and many others.