5 ways to redesign with demijohns

  • by Kat Hertz

credit The Urban Grape in Boston

Step aside, mason jars. Demijohns, often discarded during the winemaking process, can be repurposed to create stunning home décor pieces, cutting down on waste and making art out of wine. (IT)

Here are some ideas to get you started

Create a statement vase

The striking shape of a demijohn lends itself extremely well to creating a statement vase on any hearth, mantle, accent table, or even on the floor. A wide centre juxtaposed with a very narrow mouth is eye-catching but also holds stems upright and in place. Because they are designed for liquids, demijohns make a great home for fresh flowers, but dried eucalyptus or lavender are also excellent, low maintenance options.

Fashion a lamp base

Demijohns make beautiful bases for table lamps. Pair one with any lampshade that matches the rest of your home’s design and you’re left with a bohemian piece no one will be able to believe you made yourself. You can also fill your demijohn with string lights for a quick and easy lighting option that will add a soft glow to any nook or corner of your home.

Show your personality

Have a windowsill that’s looking a little too empty? An accent table that needs a little extra something? Try filling your demijohn with something that matches your personality or interests – wine corks, beads, beach rocks, magic crystals – the options are endless. Seasonally, you can also update the contents of your demijohn to create a rotating display with Halloween decorations or Christmas ornaments.

Assemble an overhead light fixture

Repurposed demijohns can be completely transformed into a chandelier or overhead light fixture. The way they catch light can be particularly striking if you have several demijohns to work with. Mix and match shapes and sizes if your taste is on the eclectic side, or try a uniform assortment to create a surprisingly elegant fixture that will elevate any room.

Build your own terrarium

The wide mid section of a demijohn is the perfect space for a variety of plants to grow, and the clear glass allows sunlight to reach the living plants easily. Try an aluminum plant, a begonia rex, black mondo grass, or even an arrowhead vine, and mix leaf textures, shapes and colours to make your terrarium pop.