Wines for St-Valentine’s day

By Marco Giovanetti

There are  those couples  who love and hate Valentine’s Day.  The first group wait in anticipation to celebrate with fanfare this hallmark day and the other enjoy it in a more or less modest way.

In both cases, however, couples tend to be together doing ordinary or special things, passing pleasant moments at home or in a restaurant. Regardless of whether there is any culinary feat at  home or in a restaurant, la bella serata has something pivotal: the wine: A special bottle for a special moment that goes well with dinner is always a nice touch, besides being in a couple allows you to choose more  accurately according to your tastes without having to look for something that will suit everyone.

At this point the typical questions begin: red wine ? white wine ? Or maybe a rose or a sparkler ? What is the right wine? As I have already said more than once in this blog,  there is no good , absolute or  wine par excellence. It is recommended   to weigh the choice based on the menu and especially personal tastes.

Apart from this it is possible to have some good advice! Let’s see what could be good for Valentine’s Day if we are undecided.

Red wine

When to choose red wine? The dishes tend to be tasty with meat sauce, salami, red meat, game or mature cheeses.

Which red wine to choose? If the dishes are particularly rich, tasty and accompanied by tasty cheeses, it certainly serves a wine that is known to impose equally rich flavors such as an Amarone , Nero d’Avola or Taurasi which are full-bodied wines.

If, on the other hand, the dishes are more delicate like a risotto with softer flavors or white meat, it is good to focus on something that does not overpower everything else in the dish; a Valpolicella Classico , Chianti or Dolcetto d’Alba can come to the rescue.

White wine

When to choose white wine? If the dinner is based on fish the white wine always wins, but also with young or medium-aged cheeses and white meat and “feather” game.

Which white wine to choose? If we respect the canons above with white wine it is almost impossible  to make mistakes, but depending on our preferences, you can opt for a no oak white wine or one with a short passage in barrique which could yield more complexity  (in addition to the higher alcohol level).

In the first case we have  a Lugana , a gewurztraminer (aromatic traminer) or a Vermentino while in the second case you could opt for a buttery chardonnay from Umbria

A special note for rosé wine : the characteristics of a rosé resemble those of a white and therefore can follow the same rules. Depending on your taste we can opt for a bottle of a full body rosè or a sparkling wine .

Sparkling wine

When to choose a sparkling wine? Virtually always.

The sparkling wine category is very  well suited to accompany a  whole meal from appetizer to dessert, a decidedly broad-spectrum choice on a condition that you do not clearly take a sparkling wine with the word “sweet” that goes only to dessert.

Which sparkling wine to choose? We are spoiled for choice at the SAQ, we can opt for a good Valdobbiadene Prosecco or if we want something even finer given the special occasion we can take a nice bottle of Franciacorta .

Whatever your choice, I wish you a beautiful St-Valentine’s day!!!

Wine recommendations:

Acquesi Cortese, SAQ # 12771751, $17.00

Made with the Cortese grape, The Acquesi Cortese is a delightful sparkler to impress your lover on this coming St Valentine’s day. Beautiful nose  of fresh green apple supported by a fine bubble. Ideal as aperitif or accompanying light meals and fish.

Canonica a Cerreto Sandiavolo 2013, SAQ # 12159289, $27.65

Generous and  complex Tuscan blend with enticing, elegant and  sweet fieldberry fruit. On the palate, powerful and structured yet with caressing tannins. Elegant flavours  of forest floor, mineral notes and sweet and balsamic spices. Perfect with meat ragu pasta.

Barone Ricasoli Chianti DOCG 2017, SAQ # 13188858, $15.70 ( $14.20 on special until Feb 24)

Beautiful nose of fragrant blackberries, violets with a touch of smoke and licorice. On the palate, it has a beautiful acidity with soft leather undertones and plenty of strawberry and raspberry fruit. A delicious wine to beat the February blues and to surprise your lover for the upcoming St Valentine’s day.

Biscaris Barunieddu 2017, SAQ # 12848826, $23.80

Made from the Frappato grape this natural wine is charming with nuances of cherry, black tea and strawberry coulis. Subtle and perfumed in the palate with polished tannins. A seduction wine. A beautiful lingering finale of hummus and dried earth.