Millennials are hacking nonna’s swag

As more millennials move into their own places, their bare condos and lofts beg for a touch of personality that the usual IKEA spree just can’t satisfy (and their wallets can’t afford). That’s why many Italian-Canadian millennials are raiding their nonni’s basement to add a splash of nostalgia to their digs. Here are some of the treasures they find.

The Liquor Trolley

Forever parked in the corner of the dining room collecting dust, you’ll remember the liquor trolley as a Godfather-esque static item with a few crystal bottles perched on it’s top tray. Stock it with the hippest new herbal gins and some of nonno’s homemade grappa, accessorize with cute martini glasses, art objects and paper straws, then roll it out for parties with friends – instant hit.

Record Players

No Italian home is complete without a sound system, no matter how rudimentary. Many nonni went all out and made their record players a furniture unit. These ultra-retro mahogany pieces are just begging for a new home where you can stack hardcover books and framed modern art on them. Even a single record player will look cool just about anywhere you put it.


That technicolor Pyrex that we associated with Sunday dinners and leftovers and those unsightly old brown dishes and mugs with some sort undecipherable botanical design were totally un-hip. You guessed it, nonna’s old crockery is back in style and, if used sparingly, can add a great retro vibe to a dinner party.

The Cafetiere

Coffee capsules are having a big moment, but they are so against the new mindset hipsters have for a slower, more artisanal coffee experience. We like to be able to take pride in the things we make and fill our kitchens with a warm coffee aroma that will have everyone waking up for java, just like old times. Most modern Italian households still use a cafetiere, and we bet your nonni have more than one to spare. The classic Bialetti design is always cute, but those bigger models with the gold handle (that nonna used to bust out to make tiramisu) are standout even more in a modern kitchen.

Dramatic Seating

That fancy couch covered in plastic you weren’t allowed to sit on has come a long way. From a floral-printed seat in the bedroom used to lay outfits for the next day, to the old wooden stool in the bathroom that hosts a vase full of lavender, millennials have broken the seal on seating. Also worth mentioning: mismatched chairs around a dining room table are the perfect ensemble of vintage chaos.