5 Italian-Canadian influencers to follow in 2019

You don’t have to look far for style and life inspiration 


Have you logged into Instagram recently and just felt completely uninspired? It’s not too late to tap into the feeling you had when you first joined. The lackluster swipe, the monotony of the image-to-caption experience, and the overall drab, dull, and even depressing feeling you get after a few minutes of meaningless scrolling… make 2019 the year to turn it around.

The thrilling feeling of discovery hasn’t gone anywhere – you just have to know where to look.



There aren’t many people out there who have a defined personal style like Olivia Pezzente. Every outfit is something you’d never think to put together on your own, and she makes it look effortless and just plain cool.


Montreal-based art dealer, Alessandra Salituri’s feed looks like a dream world. Packed with home, fashion, life and of course art inspiration, every image is filled with ideas that will inspire you to kick up your aesthetic, and to pay attention to curating the items you bring into your life. She explains, “As an art dealer and interior decorator, I’ve always loved to explore how our home can tell the story of who we are. My personal aesthetic is quite feminine, bold and dreamy. My Instagram feed shares photos of projects I’ve worked on, my own home and spaces that have art from my art gallery.”


Katherine Garbarino uses her page to share beauty and wellness tips along with snaps of her daily life, work and travel. Her advice is detailed and meticulously thorough, and her personality is so darn alluring and exciting you’ll start to feel like you know her personally.


Sharing brands she loves in both fashion and beauty, Margaux Zanetti’s account is the one you’ll turn to when you need to liven up your look or infuse some effortless cool girl vibes into your daily routine. She explains, “I love finding new brands and exploring my city and traveling the world. My account is there to share these discoveries with others and create imagery with brands that I believe in.”


Cristina Monti’s page is unique and interesting; while she always looks stunning and put-together, she also looks real. Gone is the predictable uniform of the Instagram influencer – here you’ll find interesting garments expertly styled, creative-yet-wearable outfit inspiration for any occasion and plenty of posing cues that’ll help you boost the vibe of your own feed too.