A glass of prosecco for la festa della mamma

By Marco Giovanetti

In Italian culture, la mamma is the pillar  of the household and adulated  by her family — especially mammoni, which translate “mama’s boys” — all year round. Still, every second Sunday of May, we celebrate our mother with flowers, gifts, and special gestures for La Festa della Mamma.

Mother’s day is said to have its origins with the ancient Greeks and Romans, who practiced a spring fertility ritual to honor the goddess, Rhea, mother of all the gods. In Roman myth, Rhea Silvia was the mother of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome.

To celebrate Mother’s day, details must be perfect in gift giving ( that includes wine). La mamma  is our friend, accomplice and confidant, always ready to support us and stay by our side when we need it.  To show her all our affection is not easy, if we do not find the right words we can always use a great bottle dedicated to her.  I choose a Prosecco because it is my mom’s favorite vino.

Ottopiu V8+ Sior Carlo Brut Millesimato 2018. SAQ # 13734177, $19.35

Glera is the most important  grape of Prosecco sparkling wine. Originally the grape was known as Prosecco (exactly as  Prosecco Tondo). The variety has a mysterious origins and a complex  more complicated ampelographic history due to the fact that several distinct varieties have been called “Prosecco-something” in northeast Italy since the 18th century. The grape is late-ripening and prone to both fungal diseases and water stress. It is widely planted in the province of Treviso.

Ottopiù Vineyards, an estate based in Veneto , is the result of a project aimed at combining modernity and tradition. Expert producers of Prosecco, made also in the Valdobbiadene and Cartizze regions, their name references number 8 to represent the 8 tenacious, stubborn and motivated individuals linked to the realization of the project.

THE project was born in 2010 as an extension of their  Tenuta Sant’Anna wines to offer a line of sparkling wines, all made in the traditional charmat method. The elegant bottle is quite attractive. Grapes are rigorously sourced from the Tenuta Sant’Anna property (one of the largest landowners in the area) and each wine carries the name of a ‘Sior’ (Sir in the old Venetian dialect)

This is one of the best Proseccos available at the SAQ at the moment and will make la mamma very happy this coming sunday

This Prosecco is an amazing companion for a happy toast. The nose offers  fresh floral aromas with a pleasant fruit poise that brings to mind   apple and pear. In the mouth, this prosecco is fresh and quite aromatic with a pleasant salty finale. Perfect pairing with a thin slice of bruschetta.