Flattering swimsuits are finnaly in fashion

by Alessia Sara Domanico

Ride the new body-positive wave with Italian influencer Laura Brioschi

Unrealistic body expectations have been replaced with the dawn of the real woman, who feels confident and beautiful as her true self. This ideal is reflected in the latest swimwear, with fashion following the body-positive trend by giving ladies of all shapes and sizes a great selection of swimwear to feel good about and flatters all body types.

Before diving into the trends, we wanted advice from a woman who is truly comfortable in her own skin. We sat down with Laura Brioschi, one of Italy’s leading body-positive influencers, curvy models and founder of Love Curvy. “Choose a swimsuit that looks good on you and that makes you feel good about yourself,” recommends the Instagram sensation (more than 500,000 followers to date) who we spoke with just before her Body Positive Catwalk in Milan’s Piazza Duomo.

The positive attention the topic of “real bodies” is getting demonstrates that, we as a society, are hungry for the real and the raw. We don’t want to hide behind the airbrush anymore. “This is, in part, thanks to Instagram,” Brioschi tells us. “You can find lots of different body types if you’re not always looking at the same things. It isn’t out of the ordinary anymore to see a very curvy woman wearing a tiny swimsuit.”

courtesy of Laura Brioschi

Brioschi started out on Instagram with some 5,000 followers, but she notes that she saw her fan base and influence grow when she started showing more skin. “It really made a big difference when I started posting pictures of my imperfections, the stretch marks and the cellulite—the real deal.”

Brioschi is just the latest example of high-profile, curvy women who are unapologetically putting their real selves on display. International curvy sensation and entrepreneur Ashley Graham’s latest collaboration with Swimsuits for All has set the Internet on fire with a colourful “Every Body, Every Age, Every Beautiful” campaign and an accompanying feature with Sports Illustrated. The magazine catapulted her onto the world stage in 2016 when she became the first plus-sized model to appear on the cover of the swimsuit edition.

When we come to the topic of insecurity in our interview, Brioschi has some strong words for us girls: “There are so many women who aren’t going to the beach or wearing swimsuits out of fear and shame. I think that this is really negative for one’s lifestyle because that means that the judgement of other people has become far too significant for you, and the external world has the power to impact the way you perceive yourself. This will stop you from living your best life. And this is a phenomenon that affects women of all sizes.” Ready to take the plunge? Some of the most popular and flattering swimwear styles for 2019 include the bandeau top, which can have a chest-reducing effect, not to mention the lack of straps is ideal for tanning. One-piece swimsuits are also back with a vengeance, smoothing over all the right places while doing away with straps that dig into the skin. Scoop bottoms offer more coverage on the waist and full coverage on the backside. High-waist bottoms are also all the rage and cover all the way up to the belly button—a comfy fit for ladies worried about showing too much skin but who like a two-piece.

Next time you get those changing room jitters, take this last thought from Brioschi to heart: “In the end, our bodies are what they are. They can obviously change, but at this moment in time this is what we’ve got to work with. So why not have fun, feel free and enjoy what you’re choosing to wear?”