The wines of Progetto Calcarius

By Marco Giovanetti

I recently came across the very interesting wines of Progetto Calcarius in Puglia. These jewels of Southern Italy were tasted at the recent portfolio tasting of Bambara Selection in Montreal, Quebec.

Calcarius is the personal project of Valentina Passalaqua and Danilo Marcucci. The wines come from vineyards on Valentina’s family estate which has an extremely high proportion of chalk in the soil. Valentina is passionate about making natural wines and crossed paths with  Signore Marcucci at some point in her career in the wine industry.  Danilo is considered perhaps the most important and influential figure that is the greater Italian Natural Wine Movement. In fact, he has developed some of the leading natural wine estates of Italy that includes Furlani and Rabasco.

The Calcarius winery is situated in the Gargano area, in the community of Apricena. This part of Puglia consists of calcareous platform of white-pink from limestone dating to the superior Jurassic more than 150 millions of years ago and precisely in the Kimmeridgian geologic era.

The whites are made with traditional Puglian varieties such as Bombino and Greco Bianco for the whites and Nero di Troia and Aglianico for the reds. There is no oak in these wines just stainless steel. This aging method is to ensure purity in the wines and to reflect in the most transparent way the terroir. I highly recommend that you taste these wines on the upcoming RAW natural wine fair in Montreal (October 24th and 25th)

The wines are available for purchase via Bambara Selection in the Quebec private import market

Tasting Notes:

Bianco Puglia 40.08 ( Bombino Bianco variety, 2018). $35.95. (12 pack case)

Enchanting with notes of grapefruit, Jazmin leaves complemented by honey. On the palate, it had a nice acidity with a floral long aftertaste.

Helen Bianco 40.08 ( Greco Bianco variety, 2018). $30.95. ( 12 pack case)

On the nose, the wine has deep layers of dry flowers complemented by exotic spices such as nutmeg and Indonesian cloves. Very perfumed on the palate. Caressing with a beautiful harmony.

Orange Puglia 40.08 ( Falanghina variety, 2018). $37.50 ( 12 pack case)

On the nose very pleasant aromas of tangerines with almond biscotti and Middle Eastern spices. Love the complexity that surrounds the nose of this. On the palate, this wine was long with earthy layers flavours.

Rosso Puglia ( Negroamaro variety, 2018). $35.95 ( 12 pack case)

Beautiful blackberry fruit with figs and almond nuances. Floral with an easy digest style. Lovely dark plum aftertaste.

TroiaBomb 40.08 ( Nero di Troia, 2018). $37.50 ( 12 pack case)

Sensual red berry fruit nuances with balsamic undertones. Digest and easy to drink with an aftertaste of cumin and cacao spices.