Pairing wine with pasta

By Marco Giovanetti

Pairing wine and pasta is an acquired skill. For me, it’s about juxtaposing the flavors of the dish with the aromas and textures of the wine. Pasta does not have a flavor. The sauce gives its taste. Various kinds of sauces are added to impart pasta its flavour. These may include red, cream or pesto sauce, etc.

These sauces impart specific flavors to the pasta dishes we go crazy for. However, pairing pasta requires some handling. The profile of the wine chosen must complement the flavor of the ingredients used in these sauces. If the wine is too powerful or weak it’s not the adequate wine for the meal. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure the wine chosen brings a fireworks sensation to your palate when paired with a pasta dish.

Wine pairings for pasta

Baglio di Grisi Aria 2017.SAQ # 13567612, $19.95

A sunny Chardonnay with tropical fruit character, honey and a hint of vanilla bean. Round on the palate with a caressing finale and a long aftertaste reminiscent of blanched almonds. Try it with chicken pesto fettuccine

Zeni Soave Classico 2018. SAQ # 14101380, $17.55

Classy elegant soave with citrus, elderflower and green apples aromas. On the palate, it is quite balanced with a crisp mineral finale. Terrific value for under $20.00. Classic wine pairing with spaghetti Allen vongole.

Il Mortellito Calaiancu, Vino Bianco 2018. $27.95. (Private Import, 12 pack case-Bambara Selection)

An electrifying white made mostly with Grillo and Catarratto. Elegant and quite refined with delicate flower nuances and a long mineral finale. Try it with pasta with mussels, garlic and parsley


Borgogno Pinin Langhe 2017. SAQ # 14102403, $19.95

Crunchy red fruit with hints of licorice and cinnamon stick. On the palate, fruit forward with an easy going finale. Enjoy it with linguine with basil tomato sauce and melted bocconcini.