Kayla Pizzuti

Nickname: “La Tredici” because I was always the oddball out. We’re seven grandchildren, and I was always different from everyone else. Occupation: I’m a student at Vanier College in my second year of the graphic and web design program. I plan on being a freelance graphic designer when I graduate. Age: 20 Generation: Third Dad’s side from: Montelongo, Campobasso, Molise Mom’s side from: Castelbottaccio, Campobasso, Molise Raised in: Montreal Speaks: Italian, English, French and Spanish

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I used to be a model when I was younger to overcome my shyness, and I’m a natural blond.

What’s the best thing about being Italian-Canadian? Being able to enjoy the best of both worlds. I love that I can enjoy the Italian culture and have the Canadian values added.

What’s an Italian tradition you want to carry on? I find it important to carry on the basics of a culture such as food. Most importantly, I want to carry on the language. If I ever have children, I would want them to speak Italian fluently.

What Italian stereotype do you completely live up to? I can’t speak without using my hands!

What movie title best describes your life? Home Alone because I’m an only child and I was often home alone turning the house upside down and secretly cleaning it up before my parents would come home!

Favourite Italian expression: My favourite Italian expression is “po’ dopo.” My dad’s side uses it very often because of their lack of organization when it comes to planning parties and other occasions. Everything is always last minute, and whenever someone would ask about anything, the answer was always “po’ dopo.”

Photography by Liana Carbone, Makeup by Vanessa Davis