Why are fashionistas dressing like old Italian men?


Androgyny is back as fashion turns to the past for women’s collections in 2019. Designers approached their women’s collections by paying homage to the best in men’s sartorial style, digging through the archives for suits and shirt/trouser combos. These suave-to-slick and, at times, sexier looks show us that blurring the line between traditionally feminine and masculine fashion can result in some seriously killer looks. Who better to emulate vintage Italian than the man who takes pride in every element of this style? On the runway with Dolce & Gabbana, we saw their VIP models dressed in dapper looks: from a smoking suit on Monica Bellucci, to a gangster pinstripe for Naomi Campbell and a three-piece Baroque gold and silver inlaid tapestry-patterned suit for Carla Bruni. 

Carla Bruni, Dolce&Gabbana

The late Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel show saw some of his favourite supermodels in full jacquard and houndstooth jumpsuits, emulating Coco Chanel’s original vision for her brand that transformed  women’s wear. Céline, instead, was full-on bad boy, decking models out in minimalist black leather pieces and white dress shirts. 

Alberta Ferretti brings us a more modern take on femme-masculinity with high-waisted trousers in earth tones, buttoned up band collar shirts, aggressive—leather bomber jackets and oversized denim vests. Brunello Cucinelli’s women’s collection  is also adorned in earth tones, emulating a modern day relaxed cowboy, complete with a soft felt hat and flat leather sandals. Take these cues, ladies, and grab your style reigns; these trends will give you even greater confidence as you go out and command the attention you deserve in all your endeavors. Kiton leveraged their experience in menswear to bring a twist to their women’s line—resulting in irresistibly feminine structured 3-piece suits. Afterall, in 2019, vests are for everyone.