Michael Alfredo Basile

Photography by Liana Carbone

Occupation: Vans manager/buyer at Off the Hook & Clothing Brand Designer Age: 27 Generation: Second Dad from: Cassano Irpino, Avellino, Campania Mom from: Rende, Cosenza, Calabria Raised in: Saint-Lazare Speaks: English, Italian, French

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I’m married (you know I had to shout out my wife). Also, technically my full name is Michael Michele Alfredo Basile. Yes, legally my name is Michael Michael—it’s a long story.

What’s the best thing about being Italian-Canadian? Other than the food? It’s definitely the sense of family within in the Italian culture. Nothing is more important to me than family. Also, family get-togethers are always interesting because of it.

What’s an Italian tradition you want to carry on? Waking up early and making melanzane, olives and sopressata every year. It teaches us hard work and keeps us close to our roots. My nonno would be proud.

What Italian stereotype do you completely live up to? Well, aside from being loud (because that’s an obvious one) I do have six different coffee machines in my apartment, including three different Bialettis.

What movie title best describes your life and why? Probably Confessions of a Shopaholic—I might have way too many shoes and clothes. No, they don’t all fit in my apar tment. Yes, I still have a lot at my parents’ house.

Photography by Liana Carbone/Makeup by Amanda Vecchio