Summer Sipping

As the summer approaches, try these refreshing and lively wines. Whether you are lingering on the porch or catching the last rays of sun in the backyard, enjoy some delicious summerish whites and reds for an authentic Italian aperitivo experience!

Pomegranate: Traditional fruit of the fall season

The pomegranate, a native of Persia, is one of the oldest fruits known to man. Known as the Punic apple by the Romans, the pomegranate has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region. 

Eataly, Alti Cibi: Shop,Taste and Learn

Antonio Benedetto Carpano invented vermouth in 1786. Due to its popularity the Carpano family built a vermouth factory in Lingotto, a suburb of Torino, and during the 20th century Fiat automobiles were made next door. When the vermouth business moved to Milano, Carpano’s factory fell into disrepair and the famous Fiat factory became a spacious shopping mall called Gallery 8, named after Ling(otto). But Carpano still lives. His factory has been beautifully renovated into a labyrinth of gastronomy called Eataly, the brainchild of Oscar Farinetti, a wealthy 53 year-old entrepreneur from Alba, the town in Piemonte famous for white truffles and fine red wines.

Granita: Glacial Greatness

Summer days are either sunny or very sunny, and the average temperature is 34°C. Beaches are filled with sun worshippers melting in the heat of the scirocco wind blowing from North Africa. This is Sicily, the birth place of one of summer’s favourite treats, the glacial granules known as granita.

Nel Canton Ticino vince il Merlot

Un rosso di pregio che per la sua versatilità non passa inosservato. Maturato in barrique e affinato a lungo in bottiglia compete alla pari con vini francesi e italiani. Mille ettari di vigneto, 150 produttori e 4.000 viticoltori per una realtà vitivinicola che dagli anni ‘80 è in costante crescita qualitativa.

Cartellate Pugliesi Recipe

A staple on every Apulian Christmas table, cartellate are traditional fritters coated in vincotto or dried fig syrup. These tasty fritters hail from Bari where they are known as “carteddate.” They are associated with the city’s patron saint San Nicola and are traditionally prepared during the month of December. Cartellate are now common all around Puglia and neighbouring regions. They can be fried or baked, and covered with honey, melted chocolate, or cinnamon. Their rose shape is perfect for absorbing the sweet, cooked wine

Azienda Agricola Casanova di Neri

Strolling down from the beautiful village of Montalcino my quest for top Sangiovese led me to Casanova di Neri.

My love affair with a great Italian grape

From all the great Italian grapes in the vast pantheon of Italian viticulture, the one that I love the most is Nebbiolo. This everlasting...

Altesino SpA Az. Agricola

My trip to Brunello di Montalcino had started that same morning at Altesino.

Five red wines for your January evenings

By Marco Giovanetti Winter means roaring fires and the smell of freshly-baked biscotti and bread with  plenty of good red wine. Wine was built for relaxation,...

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