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Millennials are hacking nonna’s swag

As more millennials move into their own places, their bare condos and lofts beg for a touch of personality that the usual IKEA spree...


The mysterious Castel Del Monte

by Maureen Littlejohn The many theories behind this unusual 13th century monument One of the Middle Ages’ most mysterious monuments can be found in the...

Rocca Scaligera

Castello di Miramare

Life and People

Jackie Lina Alexander

Name: Jackie Lina Alexander Nickname: Jaxs Occupation: Bartender/studying to be a paralegal Age: 22 Generation: Second Mom’s side from: Fano, Pesaro and Urbino, Le Marche Raised in: Toronto Speaks: English

Lester B. Pearson High School

Lester B. Pearson High School

Home away from home It would be difficult for most Italian-Montrealers to walk through the halls of Lester B. Pearson High School and not spot...

Kristine Centis Jorge

Name: Kristine Centis Jorge Nickname: Krissy, Kris Occupation: Masters student in notarial law Age: 27 Generation: Third Dad’s side from: Figueira da Foz, Portugal Mom’s side from: Guglionesi, Campobasso, Molise and Villaorba, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Raised in: Montreal and Laval Speaks: English, French, Italian and Portuguese

Fish Baked in Salt

Ingredients: 1 kg (2.2 lbs) coarse sea salt 1.3 kg (3 lbs) whole white flesh fish, such as sea bass, red snapper or porgy ½ cup (125...
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Braised Lamb Ravioli

Ingredients: Lamb ravioli 450g fresh ravioli pasta 400g braised lamb shank with vegetables, onions and red wine 100g shredded Parmigiano cheese   Arugula pesto 100g arugula leaves 25g roasted pignola nuts 200ml olive...

Luca Condotta

Nickname: Luc Occupation: Physiotherapy student Age: 23 Generation: Third Dad’s side from: Istrana (Treviso), Veneto Mom’s side from: Castelfranco (Treviso), Veneto Speaks: English

Molise: Tasty, Affordable, Genuine Italy

Forget about your last trip to Italy, struggling through expensive and overcrowded cities for a peek at historic treasures — been there done that. For those of you visiting the country of D’Annunzio and Slow Food for a second or third time, waking up to Molise’s striking coastline and checkered pastoral hills is your chance to experience the Bel Paese in a totally different way and for half the price of similar vacations in Tuscany or Veneto.

Carciofi Ripieni – Braised, Stuffed Artichokes

Ingredients: • 6 large artichokes• 1 lemon , halved For the filling:• 2 slices Italian bread without crust, broken into pieces and soaked in ? to 1 cup of...

Modena – From the Motor Valley to Pavarotti

Not only does Modena offer history, beautiful landscapes, great food and mouth-watering flavours, but the city and its suburbs are also the heart of what’s come to be known as Motor Valley. The Emilia-Romagna region has been overcome by an extraordinary passion for motorcars, which has turned into the basis of the motor industry and made it home to masterful champions of two- and four-wheelers. But that’s not all.