Tony Cutrone

Birthplace: Ielsi, Campobasso

In the business: Since 1966

Worked: Golden Brand Clothing, and presently Cutrofil.

Most rewarding part of the job: Seeing people happy, because I take care of my customers and I do what they really want.

Favourite cut: I like tight fitting suits, two buttons.

Pet Peeve: Salespeople that try to sell suits that do not fit the customers at all.

Most important part of the job: What counts most of all is the cutting process. If you make a good cut to the material, the suit is going to come out nice, if you screw up the cutting you cannot fix it. It’s like a house, when you do the foundation, if you do it wrong, the house won’t turn out right… same thing with suits.

Qualities of a good tailor: He uses Italian material, also English material. All the materials from Europe are very nice, they are the best.

Training: I was young and I went to design school here in Montreal, then I started to work. Once I started to work, I began to like the trade.

Most frequent comment: Most people are very satisfied with the work I do.

Take on the tailoring industry today in Montreal: The problem today is that companies prefer to manufacture suits in other countries like China and India for much cheaper, so people will go for the cheaper prices but they are not getting good quality. People have to start buying Canadian suits so that the young tailors can continue to work here, but if we keep buying imported products, one day they will have no more jobs.

Tricks of the trade: You never stop learning, the more you do this the more you learn. The styles are always changing, year after year, so you always have to be up to date.

On retirement: I don’t know… I love to work, I love to stay with people

Tailleur Cutrofil – 514 813-5881

written by Joey Franco