Alessandro Cernuto

Living Italian Style Toronto

Passion: Languages and business

Clothes: Club Monaco sweater, Seven jeans, Lacoste shoes

Favourite designer: Salvatore Ferragamo

Store/Boutique: Harry Rosen

Restaurant: Sotto Sotto

Favourite dish: Risotto alla pescatora

Absolute must in the pantry: Spaghetti

Favourite wine: Caymus wine

Favourite Italian saying: “Chi va piano va sano e va lontano”

Last time you went to Italy: Two years ago

Favourite Italian city: Rome

Place you must go back to at least one more time in your life: Taormina, Sicily

Favourite band or singer: Frank Sinatra

Best Italian movie Amici Miei

Italian soccer team: Juventus

Sexiest Italian: Federica Fontana

Dream car: Ferrari Italia

Best way to feel Italian in Toronto: Go to the Columbus Centre

Mare o montagna: Mare

Thing about you that would surprise most people: I am ¼ Palestinian

Best coffee in Toronto: Rustic Bakery

Best pizza in Toronto: Libretto

Pet peeve: Disrespect

You know you are Italian when or if: You eat pasta five times a week

Favourite thing to do in Toronto: Visit the Distillery District

Most common name in your family: Antonio (4)

Italian artist or actor you would like to meet: Eros Ramazzotti

Best memory growing up as Italian: Spending the whole summer with my nonni

Spaghetti o penne: Spaghetti

Favourite flavour of gelato: Torrone

Favourite Italian song: Se Bastasse una bella canzone by Eros Ramazzotti

Plans for the summer: Go to Europe and visit my nonni