Anita Del Corpo

Fashion idol: Jennifer Lawrence

Passion: Staying fit and being healthy

Goal in life: To live a long and happy life full of laughter and love no matter what I am doing

Pet peeve: I cannot stand people who are all mouth and no action

Best pizza in your city: La Vieille Cheminée in St. Leonard

Best panino in your city: Pizza Etc. has really good sandwiches

Favourite vino: My grandpa’s wine (mom’s side) is always my favourite. His grappa is pretty strong too!

Best nightclub in your city: BSide

Describe your ideal night out in your city: Nothing too fancy… I really like walking around downtown, going for a beer and relaxing with the boyfriend

You know you are Italian when or if: You’re in your twenties and your grandparents still buy you those big chocolate eggs for Easter

Best Italian song: Batti le manine. My dad used to sing it to me all the time as a kid

Sexiest Italian: Sophia Loren

Best Italian district in your city: R.D.P.

Best way to feel Italian in your city: Go to the Italian week every August and see everyone you know there

How long have you been reading Panoram? Ever since it has been coming in the mail

Best memory growing up Italian-Canadian: Nonno giving me a little sip of his vino ever since I could start walking