Sal Fabbri

Living Italian Style Toronto

Favourite Italian dish:

Risotto al forno

Favourite ingredient:

The annual homemade tomato sauce

What do you like most about eating Italian?

The leftovers!

Best Italian grocery store in Toronto:

Colangelo Brothers

Best pizza in Toronto:

Fratelli Village Pizzeria

Best caffè in Toronto:

Zaza Espresso Bar (Yorkville)

Favourite gelato flavour:


Favourite vino:

Wolf Blass Grey Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Your Nonna’s famous dish:

Baccala con Porri

Your fool-proof recipe:

Only amateurs use recipes!

Italian product you wish you could find in Canada:

The product of an Italian lifestyle: less work and stress, and more time to enjoy with family and friends.

Italian dish you want to learn to cook one day:

More like cure. I want to learn how to make and cure my own prosciutto and salami.

Guilty pleasure:


Best food memory growing up:

Going to Nonna’s during Christmas and seeing the extended family. They pulled out all the stops and we would eat, drink and

play until the early morning hours.