Angelo De Luca

Living Italian Style Toronto

Clothes: Armani Collezioni dressshirt,

G-Star jean vest, Diesel jeans.

Where will you be watching the

World Cup this year?

St. Clair (Corso Italia)

Favourite World Cup memory:

When Fabio Grosso scored

against Germany in the 2006


Passion: Being Italian

Thing about you that would surprise

most people: That I wasn’t

born in Italy and neither were my

parents but I speak perfect Italian.


Pizza e Pazzi

Favourite dish: Orecchiette con

salsiccia e rapini

Best pizza in Toronto:

Queen Margherita Pizza

Best caffè in Toronto:

Caffè Novecento

Favourite aperitivo: Crodino

Best nightclub in Toronto:


Italian saying: “Un giorno senza

un sorriso è un giorno perso”

You know you are Italian when:

You thought everyone called the

cellar “cantina.”

Best Italian song: Se è vero che

ci sei by Biagio Antonacci

Italian soccer team: Juventus

Sexiest Italian: Federica Nargi

Best way to feel Italian in

Toronto: Having an espresso and

watching Serie A soccer games

on St. Clair.

How long have you been reading

Panoram? Since it first came out

Best memory growing up

Italian-Canadian: Making homemade

sugo in my garage with my

nonna and her friends.