21 Thunder Captures Drama On and Off The Field

Rosato has good reason to be such an avid fan of soccer, namely because she’s starring in the new CBC network series 21 Thunder in which she plays Ana Messina, the owner of a Montreal under 21 soccer team. The dramatic series about love, crime, race, sex and athletic glory follows the team players’ tribulations on and off the field.“The role is close to home,” Rosato explains. “I know the world of soccer. I think having that passion was important for me with this project.” In the past several years, the 34-year-old Montreal native has divided her time between Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver working in various roles on TV series, films and documentaries.

Among dozens of film credits to her name, we’ve seen Rosato perform alongside  Hollywood’s biggest names. In 2016, she played Alice in the sequel to the movie Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton. This year she completed a performance in Darren Aronofsky’s horror-mystery Mother, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. In 21 Thunder, Rosato not only worked with well-known Canadian actors, such as Colm Feore, but also with athletes like Ryan Pierce who played in the Scottish Premier League, and stars as Davey Gunn.

“It was great being surrounded by so many talented people from different backgrounds. From artists to former athletes to advisors that brought their personal experience to the production, I think it really enhanced the whole experience.” After being away from her native city for months on end, Rosato says she was really excited when approached for this role. Coupled with her love of the sport and the city of Montreal, the timing could not have been more perfect. “This project hit all my favorite points. It showcases my hometown. I love soccer. I was instantly drawn to it. Plus, I spent time with my family. Best of all, I got to eat a lot of my nonna’s cooking!” When asked about the challenges encountered playing the role of Ana Messina, a woman in a strong position of power, Rosato replies, “ Yes, it was a challenge. I am a lot softer as a person than she is. I found myself not going to my instinctual empathy for people. She is much more stoic. She is all business. I learned that I had to find that within myself.”

written by Gianfranco Cicirello