Rimini is ready and waiting

With its 15 kilometres of white-sand beaches and hundreds of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the coastal city of Rimini is a favourite destination for sunbathing families and globetrotting youngsters looking for a party.

Located in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, the city has always embodied “La Dolce Vita,” which is no small wonder since it’s the birthplace of legendary Italian director Federico Fellini. Rimini’s beguiling charm and status as one of the largest beach resorts in all of Europe continues to attract visitors from around the world.  

Beach please!

“Don’t expect to find that little romantic corner of hidden beach that no one knows about. Here, it’s rows of long chairs as far as the eye can see!” laughs Silvia Fortuna, Rimini resident and ex-waitress at the famous Coconuts nightclub. “But this is also why Rimini is so appealing. It is the perfect place for those who like things made simple. You have a long white sand beach with all the services you need. Not to mention the food and drinks are great everywhere,” she continues.

Although there are some free access areas to the beach, most of the stretch is divided into privately operated numbered sections known as bagni. Each offering a wide range of services and facilities: from loungers and umbrellas to tennis courts and fully-equipped gyms. Alongside these bagni, beachgoers can choose from a plethora of hotels, restaurants and cafés.

“A typical day in Rimini usually means heading to the bagno of choice for a morning tan, having a succulent piadina for lunch, bathing and playing sports in the afternoon, followed by dinner and an evening seafront passeggiata,” says Fortuna. Indeed, with such a broad variety of options of food, beach establishments and accommodations, Rimini has truly perfected the art of easy beach holidaying for every taste and budget.

The shallow waters, constant presence of lifeguards and kid-friendly activities make Rimini especially attractive to families with small children. But the city’s energetic club scene also entices the younger local and international travelers who have plenty of options to enjoy an exciting night on the town until the wee hours of the morning. “That’s why this place is so special. Age doesn’t matter here… there is a Rimini for everyone,” declares Fortuna. 

Après-sun history lesson

Rimini is also a city for history buffs. The picturesque Ponte di Tiberio connects the city centre to the colourful old town of Borgo di San Giuliano. The maze of narrow cobblestone streets, charming hidden places and Fellini-inspired murals that now characterize the area’s scenic setting, were once simple fishermen’s quarters and the poorest area of the city.

Also worth a peek: the majestic Arch of Augustus. Built with the same white Istrian stone as the Ponte di Tiberio, the Arch stands proudly at the southern end of Rimini’s main road, Corso di Augusto. Visit the Museo della Città and marvel at the imposing collection of Roman mosaics. Finally, Rimini’s most important church, the Tempio Malatestiano, is a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture that transports visitors back to a time when the powerful Malatesta family ruled the territory.

Nearby sightseeing

Just a short drive or bus ride from Rimini are a number of captivating neighbouring sites. Located just over 10 kilometers away, trendy Riccione has also made a name for itself as a popular beach resort – seducing fans of fancy aperitifs and over-the-top nightclubs. The youngsters of Rimini will gladly head to Riccione for similar beach facilities but with an even more extravagant club scene.

Much like Rimini, Riccione’s restaurant and accommodation options are plentiful. Mainly concentrated along the streets of Viale Dante and Viale Ceccarini, this is where most of the action happens, not to mention shopping. In a country where beach time is taken so seriously, Rimini and nearby Riccione have become a reference point for a comfortable and relaxing vacation. Simply put, they have it all. And all of it is just waiting for everyone!